Schools to Watch™ - Taking Center Stage Application Process

Interested in applying to become a 2018 School to Watch™-Taking Center Stage (STW-TCS)?.

1. Application Steps - read this first!

2. Application Request

3. Application, Selection and Responsibility Timeline

Application Steps

1. Download and review the Principal's Checklist to see if your school is ready to be a model for others. STW-TCS is a statewide program that identifies high-performing middle schools willing to serve as models and provide mentorship to other middle schools with similar student populations and challenges.

STW-TCS schools are not perfect, but they are on a trajectory toward excellence and have a passion for sharing what works at their sites. Schools should only apply if site-level administrators will embrace the mentorship role and willingly advise staff from other schools who will call, visit or email.

2. If the Principal's Checklist shows you are not quite ready, download the School Self-Study and Rating Rubric Tool (PDF), look at the virtual School Profiles on this site, and arrange to visit a School to Watch-Taking Center Stage in person. Get started with your staff on the road to collaborative, continuous improvement. We encourage you to apply in the future.

3. If you believe your school is meeting or exceeding the needs of all your students, plus meeting or exceeding all the criteria listed on the School Self-Study and Rating Rubric (PDF), we encourage you to apply for 2016.

The School Self-Study and Rating Rubric (SSRR) is a school-wide process and should involve the entire staff. A staff application team must complete the full application, including the written narrative. Applications prepared by external grantwriters or paid consultants will not be accepted.

For best results, many Schools to Watch™-Taking Center Stage principals recommend identifying your application team and starting the collaborative SSRR process early, as applications must be received at the CLMS office by 5:00 pm, Tuesday, October 10, 2017

2017-18 Application, Selection and Responsibility Timeline

October 10, 2017 - Applications Due - Confirmation of receipt of application sent via e-mail.

October 25, 2017 – All schools informed of the status of their application. Some schools will be scheduled for visitations in November and/or December. Schools not scheduled for visitation will receive guidance for later resubmission.

January 5, 2018 (appoximate date ) - Announcement of 2017-18 STW™–TCS schools made by State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

February 2018 – Newly designated STW schools and their district governance teams honored at the CLS Annual Conference North in Sacramento.

June 2018 – Selected schools featured at the National School to Watch™ Conference in Washington, D.C.

Questions? Contact Carole Carlson -, Dr. Irvin Howard - or CLMS at 800-326-1880.

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